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“You never know how strong you are
until being strong is the only choice you have.”

Bob Marley

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What to do if you have cancer?

  1. Activate your healing mindset.
  2. Create your support team.
  3. Plan your treatment.
  4. Create your own toolbox.
  5. Resources.

You are on your healing journey where the most important thing for you right now is to regain your ability to heal.

Please read the 2 chapters of my book here (for free- get it on the top of this page by filling in your name and email), where I tell my story on how I dealt with my cancer healing journey. There I describe what method I used for my miracle healing to happen.

Please remember:

  • You are not a victim.
  • You are not alone.
  • You can heal from cancer.

Don’t believe in big, fat cancer lies! Don’t lose hope!

1. Activate your healing mindset.

Focus on the attitude, beliefs, feelings and actions you need for your healing journey by activating you 8 SuperPowers:

Power 1: I am Invincible

Power 2: I define my own story

Power 3: I live by my intuition

Power 4: I am the BOSS of my health

Power 5: I transform fear into Love

Power 6: I create my own support team

Power 7: I have a choice 

Power 8: I call my soul 

You can find each of the powers explained in my book: link to pre-order

2. Create your support team.

Please include yourself in your support team! It sounds obvious, but unfortunately, it’s not.

Next focus on your ability to ask for help. You need it now. And there are a lot of people ready to be there for you. 

You are not alone.

You are not a victim.

Write a list of people down who can help you on your journey, from your doctors, family, friends, to your coaches, therapists, animals, and other experts. 

3. Plan your treatment.

You also need to have a plan for your treatment. This is a crucial step in your healing journey, so why is it not first on the list?

Because your mindset and the people from your support team will strongly influence it. Which hospital, which doctors, experts, methods to use. And it can take some time to collect the necessary information and to do the research.

4. Create your own toolbox.

In order to help you with the planning, which will be changing depending on your situation, you will need a toolbox. It’s a place where you collect all the possible treatment information and other ideas and things that you can do to help yourself heal.

In my book, I will give you my toolbox, with all the things I used or that I heard about, including the Bengston healing method that has helped me to heal.

5. Resources

Depending on your treatment plan you need different resources, from money and paperwork to having a warm meal. Your support team will be crucial here as well.

I don’t know where your healing journey will guide you to, but I am very happy that it led you here.
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