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The Healing Mindset Workshop

24.11.2020 at 6:00 PM CET

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“You never know how strong you are
until being strong is the only choice you have.”

Bob Marley


I am asked so often how I did it. 

How I survived it? How I healed? 


I received messages on a daily basis with questions for help and advice and while I love talking and helping, listening and sharing my story,  – this is what I was doing for the past 12 years as a certified coach and for 17 years as IT manager – I just wasn’t able to talk to everyone..there’s not enough time in a day!

I just had no idea that there were so many of us!

 Us, the people touched by cancer, patients, caregivers, in remission or people who are looking for solutions.

After months of thinking about it and talking to so many of you, this movement was born in my heart.


From my love for you and me.


I learnt that during this difficult healing journey you open your heart wide and people can finally SEE you. 


Incredible you. 

Invincible you. 

You in pain. 

You needing help. 


Maybe for the very first time in your life.


Your heart is open. 

And you can finally receive.  


A full breath, 

A bouquet of flowers. 

A hug, 




An arm to cry on, 

A smile from strangers, 

Another sunrise,  

Presents from people who care and want to make you smile, 

More than the usual attention from your cat, 


Advice from people who went through that journey, 

This place


I created Global Cancer Solutions after I felt I had no choice but to give and serve people who went through the journey I went through..

Nothing else seems to make sense to me anymore other than to open my heart widely and to invite you to co-create Global Cancer Solutions with your heart wide open.


This is a place of solutions,

Based on love and power.


My gift to you as a token of my deep appreciation, please find the first 2 chapters of my book for free, to get it fill in your name and email at the top of this website.

And join the facebook group if you are ready to listen, encourage, love and care for each other and to receive it fully.


Together we are strong.  

My special invitation is to join the “Global Cancer Solutions supprt group” where I teach a specific methodology I use to regain my health and we practice image cycling techniques based on Bengston method.

My dear friend thank you for being here!

You found the right place.


I love you so much. 

You are not alone! 


Open your heart to receive love and healing, and also to give support and care to others who, like you, have traveled or who are still traveling through one of the most difficult journeys of their lives.


Ewa Andrykiewicz Zmyslona

About Ewa


For the past 12 years, Ewa has been a certified coach, NLP trainer and IT project manager.

She healed from ovarian cancer in 2018, after 2 operations and chemotherapy she had ‘scattered lung nodules growing in size and number to the right hilar ganglion passing from a 12 to 14 mm increase in size of the inguinal lymph nodes ‘.She used the Bengston method and became cancer free in 1 week with no remission ever since.

As a Master of Science in Computer Science she founded her first company at age 19, sold it after 5 years and moved to Brussels where she was working in the IT departments of the European Parliament and European Commission.

She also founded Lingoglobe – a language exchange platform with more than 120.000 users. Her exceptional human skills led her into coaching where she has developed her own successful program ‘the fulfilled life program’ with many happy clients over the years.

All that has been stopped by her sudden sickness. And now she’s back sharing her healing journey and using her incredible global experience and her amazing skill.

Her main intention is to give you a place where you will feel loved, cared for and  will receive specific information on your healing journey, from a person who managed to heal completely.

This is a place free from hate and judgement.

You are responsible for you.

Hate, blame and any form of attack or judgment are unacceptable here.

On a healing journey we need all our power to heal and not to fight each other. We are not for everyone, if you don’t feel resonance with the message you don’t need to engage.

We are powerful, we are strong and we activate our healing abilities now.